Preparing Your Refrigerator For A Move To A New Home

If you just purchased a new home, you will soon be busy trying to pack up your belongings so they can be placed in a moving truck for a ride to their new destination. It will be necessary to take some precautionary steps in how you prepare your refrigerator for the haul. Failing to do steps in protecting this appliance can lead to unnecessary damage. Here are some tips you can use to get your refrigerator ready for a ride in a moving vehicle.

Empty All Contents From Your Unit

It will be necessary to clear out the interior of your refrigerator and freezer in its entirety. If you buy food products from a grocery store in the last days before your move, opt for pre-packaged items that do not require refrigeration so they are not wasted. A few days before your moving truck arrives, place any items you believe you will use in a cooler with ice. Give away excess groceries to neighbors or friends as it is too risky to try to bring them to your new home unless you are moving close and have adequate cooling methods for them. They will need to be transported in your own vehicle.

After all items are removed, unplug your refrigerator and allow it to defrost naturally. Place a towel on the bottom of the freezer and refrigerator floors to help soak up accumulating moisture. Swap them with dry towels every few hours to avoid damage to your floor should moisture drip out of the unit. Keeping the doors open will quicken the process in the defrosting procedure.

Remove Glass Shelving And Package Appropriately

If your refrigerator has glass shelves inside, they should be removed and packaged so they do not break while in transit. The refrigerator will jostle around in the moving truck, putting these pieces at risk if they are not protected. Wrap each shelf in a piece of bubble wrap. Set a wrapped shelf in a box lined with packing peanuts. Add more of these foam pieces on top of the shelf before placing another in the box. This can be continued, layering packing peanuts between each bubble-wrapped shelf. Add peanuts to the top of the final shelf and secure the box with heavy-duty packing tape. Make sure to label the box as "fragile" so moving workers know to be extra careful when placing it in their truck.

Take Out Light Bulbs And Secure Doors

Take out any light bulbs in your refrigerator so they do not shatter while in transit. These can each be wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in a small box with other kitchen items. The refrigerator and freezer doors should be secured before the unit is placed on a moving truck. This way they will not swing open while being moved, possibly causing damage to other belongings. Use duck tape to keep doors shut. Make sure to place the tape horizontally across each doorway to provide a tight seal. It is a good idea to do this every few inches along the length of each door to ensure the doors stay shut.

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