Three Tips For Packing When You're Really Short On Time

Packing up and moving your things to a new home is never easy. It's even harder and more nerve-wracking when you're on a tight schedule! If you're about to move and only have a day or two to pack, follow these tips to get through the experience with your mind in one piece.

Don't worry about the donation pile.

It's often recommended that you get rid of unwanted items before you move so you don't have to spend extra time and money getting them from one home to the next. But when you literally have one or two days to pack, there's just no time to make a donation pile and run everything to the local charity. So, just pack it all up. Sure, if there are obvious throwaway items like broken toasters and torn clothes, you can take the time to put them in the trash. But don't spend time deciding what to keep and what to donate now. You can do that later when you unpack and have more time to breathe.

Find helpers and delegate tasks to them.

Having some friends help you pack will greatly expedite the process – if you approach this the right way. It's really important that you don't try to micromanage your helpers as they help you pack. You simply don't have time to second-guess how they're wrapping up glasses or what they're putting together in boxes. Choose friends you trust to help you pack, and then set them loose on specific tasks like packing up the bathroom or kitchen. Trust their judgment on how to go about the tasks you assign them, so you can focus on the packing you're tackling.

Don't waste time searching for packing materials.

Sure, it's convenient to not have to pay for packing materials. But if you waste half a day driving around town to find free boxes from each store, you may not have enough time left to actually pack. This is one time when you shouldn't feel bad about driving to a home goods store, buying some boxes and tape, and calling it a day. You can resell the boxes after your move to recoup some of the costs. You can also check online sales sites to see if someone is selling or giving away a large lot of boxes. Then, you only have to go one place to get them.

Once you start packing, don't stop! Keep the coffee flowing and play some upbeat music to keep yourself focused. Packing in a day or two won't be easy, but you can do this. For more information, contact a professional in your area or visit a website like

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