Packing Tips That Make Life Easier

Are you moving soon? Chances are that the task of packing is looking rather insurmountable at this point. Moving's a pain, but you can make it much, much easier if you follow a few strategies. You want to make the boxes easy to lift, easy to identify, and easy to transport without breaking anything inside.

Smaller Boxes for Books—Much Smaller

Many people see standard small boxes and think those are meant for packing books, and the boxes are commonly used for that purpose. But it's not because they were made specifically for books; it's because books are heavy, and people just naturally gravitate toward the smaller boxes for packing purposes. However, even those, when filled, can be very heavy. If you have a lot of books, you may want to get even smaller boxes. You can find these in department and drug stores in the mailing supplies section.

Don't Skimp on the Dishpacks

Dishpacks were created to give your glasses and dishes the best protection possible. They're not a sales gimmick meant to make you spend more on packing supplies. If you wrap dishes in bubble wrap or butcher paper and stack the dishes without the protection of those cardboard dividers, you could easily find them broken when you unpack.

Label the Boxes

You won't remember what's in each box. That is just a fact. No matter how well-intentioned you are about unpacking quickly, once you see the piles of boxes in your new home, you're going to completely forget what is where unless you've labeled the boxes.

For Goodness's Sake, Start Now

No one likes the thought of living out of boxes or potentially packing away something they'll need later on before the move. But you are going to find time passing ever more quickly as your moving date approaches. Clear a corner of the living room and start throwing things into boxes now. Get the pictures off the walls, the majority of the dishes out of the cabinets, and anything else that you haven't used in the past couple of weeks into a box. A minor inconvenience now saves a lot of heartache later. And you can always set aside those things you think you might need and place them in their own box. That way, if you do need something, you'll know which box to look in.

You can also get packing supplies from a moving company such as Redondo Van & Storage. Contact the company you will be using and find out whether they sell boxes that are smaller than the standard "small" box and also what sort of dishpack variations they have.

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