Four Tips On Moving Fragile Items In A Hurry

If you're having to carry out a last minute move, one of your biggest concerns should be protecting your most fragile possessions amid all the activity.

It's easy to move a large quantity of durable items like books, tools, and furniture pieces quickly without fear of damaging them. However, you have to be more delicate when you're moving fragile items like dishes, collectibles, lamps, and artwork.

The following four tips are great for helping you execute your last minute move without damaging some of the most fragile -- and potentially most valuable -- items in your home. 

Separate fragile items and handle them by yourself

Items that are particularly fragile and beloved will be best looked after if you handle them yourself. Go through your belongings and separate any items you want to have your eye on throughout the entire moving process.

If your move is really last minute, you might want to take a critical look at what you have in front of you and get rid of some things you don't need. Moving fragile items can be sluggish and cumbersome, so get rid of things that really aren't necessary. 

When you separate items, clearly mark them as fragile so that you don't accidentally handle them roughly while working quickly. 

Use blankets, clothing, and other soft fabrics for padding

If you're moving last minute, you might not have the time to run out and stock up on packing paper or other cushioning for your fragile items. However, you've probably got plenty of blankets and clothing around the house that will be perfect for padding.

Use your blankets and clothing for padding and you'll be able to take care of packing fabric and fragile items at once.

Consider temporarily keeping them in a storage unit

During emergency, last-minute moves, you might want to invest in a self storage unit. By putting all the items that are particularly cumbersome and difficult to move in a storage unit, you can get them out of the way faster and concentrate on moving the bulk of your possessions. 

Move larger fragile items yourself with no box

If you're conducting a move in a hurry, you probably don't have the time to hunt down the original box for fragile items like keepsakes, china, and ornaments. 

Try taking larger items like lamps and large dinnerware pieces out to your vehicle individually and moving them yourself. This helps you to avoid wasting time trying to find a perfect box or container for awkwardly shaped items. 

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