6 Moving Tips To Help You Beat The Heat

One of the best parts about moving in the summer is you generally do not have to deal with wet weather such as ice, snow or rain. However, the heat of summer can present its own challenges. Here are six tips to help you beat the heat while you move this summer.

Pack Lightly

It can be tempting to purchase a bunch of large boxes and then pack them as full as possible. However, before you start stuffing a bunch of large boxes full of your belongings, think about how it is going to feel to actually move all those boxes.

You can reduce the strain of moving on your body in the hot summer sun by keeping your boxes light. That will allow you to quickly move your boxes without stressing out your body.

Pay Attention To Items That May Melt

You also need to pay attention to items that may melt, such as candles and crayons. If you have any items that are not going to do well sitting inside a hot moving truck for a couple hours on a hot summer day, label those boxes as "Meltables" and try to arrive alternative transportation for these items. You may want to transport any items you fear might melt in the hot sun the day before your big move inside of your vehicle.

Crank Up The AC

People will be walking in and out of your house all day; however, that is not a good reason to skimp on using your air conditioning. Keep everyone cool who is helping you with your move by turning on your air conditioning in both your old and new homes.

Since there will be a lot of people walking in and out, you may want to set your thermostat a few degrees below where you normally keep it in order to keep your place cool.

Take Advantage Of The Cool Morning Air

Make sure that you have completed all the packing and cleaning the night before you big move. Then, wake up early and take advantage of the cooler temperatures. Try to avoid moving items during the hottest time of the day

Dress Correctly For Moving Day

Make sure that you dress correctly for the moving day. Set out an outfit before hand that is made of lightweight, breathable fabric. Athletic wear makes great moving clothes. Try not to wear anything too dark or heavy that will cause you to sweat more in the hot sun.

Keep Plenty Of Water Handy

Finally, if you really want to beat the heat, it is essential to stay hydrated. Since you'll be moving, your cupboards will not be full of cups or glasses. Make it easy on yourself and anyone who is helping you move by putting a case of water in the fridge at both your old and new house, so that way people can grab water whenever they need it. If you will be moving your fridge, set up a cooler by the entryway in both of your homes filled with ice and water.

You can beat the summer heat and make your summer moving experience more enjoyable and slightly less sweaty by following the six tips listed above. For more information on moving, contact companies like SC Moving.

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